Wednesday 25 October 2006

Everyone loves the Tui Tai

some recent guest feedback

Bob Heinzen : Cruise date: October 16th - 21st
"The Tui Tai experience was all around enjoyable - we had a great time. The crew took very good care of us. The Tui Tai was the highlight of our visit to Fiji - Vinaka Tui Tai! "

Bev Simpson - Cruise date: September 30th: "The only vacation where I truly got my money's worth! The Staff, Food and Activities were awesome - All breathtaking and memories for a lifetime!"

Curtis Thompson October 2006"A relaxing trip through the northern parts of Fiji. An opportunity to see parts of Fiji rarely seen by outside visitors."

Jeff Schweitzer Sept 2006"Authentic adventure travel to places tourist don't usually see. Friendship, great service and personalized attention. I loved the cruise and will do it again!"