Tuesday 27 July 2010

Shark watch!

Diving in one of the most diverse oceans in the world means that onboard the Tui Tai we see more than our share of amazing under water creatures, mid June was no exception with the sharks stealing the spot light.

We started our week with some awesome encounters of white tip reef sharks, they were incredibly curious and hung around for most of the dive. Then mid week we dived a beautiful site called champions rock on the Tasman straight, half way though the dive, from the blue, came a 3.5 meters hammer head shark an incredible encounter for all the divers. On one of our final dives, at a site called still waters, at the very end of the dive a 2.5-meter bull shark cruised under our boat. Just to have one encounter with these animals is amazing but to have all three in a week is unbelievable.

Have a look at the video of the white tips and the hammer head.

Tui Tai Charitable Fund

The Tui Tai regularly visits remote locations in Fiji where the necessities that are often taken for granted in western countries are not easily found. The Tui Tai Charitable fund has provided medical support, education, housing, building repairs and emergency transport for many small and self-reliant villages.

The Tui Tai charitable fund raises money through three main channels. A portion of the initial cruise fare, donations and the profit from any Photo/Video product purchased on board, all three contribute to the Tui Tai charitable. These three methods of fund raising make a significant difference to the lives of so many people, take a look at some of the photos to see the recent work we have been doing within the remote communities of Fiji.

Whale Season is upon us!


The water temperature has slowly been dropping over the past few months! and with that temperature change brings with it some new marine life… Whales.

Whilst docked at rainbow reef we have been lucky enough to encounter humpback whales, 3 times! This week one of the guest’s spotted the whales from the top deck and in a matter of minuets every one was on the rib and out to see the whales. We had an amazing encounter and got within meters of the whales, one guest Jeff, was quick enough to jump into the water and snap a shot. Have a look.

It is quite breath taking to see these animals in the wild and we hope that they will be sticking around for the next couple of months.


Teva expedition

During mid May Teva came aboard to do a photo shoot for their new catalogue. Teva produce innovative and exciting outdoor footwear for both the adventurer and beach bum and needed a location that captured both… Where better than on an adventure live-aboard in Fiji!

Teva had a large number of shots they wanted to achieve and working with the Tui Tai proved a to be the perfect match. We went from location to location visiting stunning waterfalls, pristine surf breaks, untouched beaches, and deep canyons all for the perfect shot. Keep an eye out for Teva’s up and coming catalogue to see the hard work pay off.

In between the photo shoots Teva spent time with the Tui Tai staff visiting remote villages. Teva provided some lucky children with new shoes and a lot fun. All the villages were extremely grateful for Teva’s donations and would like to send there thank.

Vinaka to the crew from Teva for a fantastic week and their kind donations, we hope to see you again soon.

Tui Tai

Saturday 3 July 2010

The illusive Manta ray

Manta rays are one of the most stunning and inspiring creatures in the ocean. Even today very little is known or understood about manta rays, their breeding habits, migrations and even behavior are still somewhat of a mystery to us. On board the Tui Tai we have been lucky enough to of had some incredible encounters with these creatures, at some points there have been over 10 mantas circling and diving with the guests on board and made a truly unforgettable memory. Have a look at some of our pictures.