Sunday 29 January 2006

Tagimucia Spa takes shape

The new Tagimucia Spa has been framed and sized by the on staff carpenters today.

The spa will feature face, body and feet massages as well as a number of traditional and regular treatments to rejuvenate guests before and after the adventures.

The new spa will have a full size massage table as well as a mobile massage chair which will be relocated to the adventure sites such as Cobia beach and Bouma waterfalls, for an unforgettable massage in an unbelievably beautiful place.

Thursday 26 January 2006

Cabin 6 has a door!!!!!!!!

The first of the new cabin doors has been cut by the Welding team, ARGH! Here we see Shane, Ian and Wayne fixing the hammer used to knock the door out... And it's a BIG hammer.

Cabin 6 door has been cut to allow the carpenters to get access to finish the walls and ceiling. All the frame is finished in the Expedition Cabins on the main deck, so they now need doors to get in.

Wednesday 25 January 2006

The Dream Team

Pictured here are Nazir, our star carpenter with his boys. Also is our own "Welder Smurf" Shane Bower, more often seen welding works of art than cutting plate steel! But we have him for 8 weeks.
See his website:

The Gateway to the Star Deck

The new stairs up to the Star Deck are completed already, done by the famous Savusavu ship carpenter, Tom Whippy.

Tuesday 24 January 2006

Adventure Cabins no more

Well, we're now moving pretty fast, and as you can see there are now no more Adventure Cabins any more. This is the big space that is being expanded with new doors and windows to make up our 8 new en-suite Expedition Cabins.

Saturday 21 January 2006

Project Cooper's Begins!

Okay this is it, we've finished our last pre-refit cruise this week and we're full speed ahead into the refit! Nazir and his Dream Team of carpenters have arrived from Lautoka, Shane and his welding team are here and Tom Whippy the speed ship carpenter is in place.

And so we see here the removal of all the old adventure cabins and the luxury cabin! All making space for our new Expedition Cabins, Staterooms and Grand Staterooms.

More on all this every few days as I get to my computer.

Stuart, GM

Thursday 12 January 2006

And may be, there is Kava again.

Bula vinaka, Miriam.

Well, I do not know if you remember me, but I remember you, when you brought me along the Hibiscus-Highway to the Tui Tai, about 4 week ago.

I am travelling now since 2 week around New Zealand. It is a beautiful country, but it is really cold here. There are a lot of activities, one can do here. You will find 6 photos of an activity I did, when you go to the Internet with .

I have no shirt, because they put me into the water.

Nevertheless, I am glad to go to Tonga on Wednesday. It will be a lot warmer there. And may be, there is Kava again.

With best regards


Peter Taubitz

Tui Tai Guest

November 2005

Monday 9 January 2006

This was the adventure of a lifetime

This was the adventure of a lifetime and I am blessed to have had these amazing adventures with amazing new friends.

Thanks so much

Leslie Wallace, Eckerd College

Tui Tai Expedition 2-9th January 2006

Awesome dives, Thanks Pat!

Bula Patrick,

I'll bet you thought that I forgot this, but I'm a man of my word! Hope you like these photos.

No if you're really as good an ex-policeman as you say, you'll remember who I am (world's slowest scuba diver!).

Have a Merry Christmas


Dick Davis
Franklin Lakes, NJ

Tui Tai Expedition 10-15 October 2005

Thursday 5 January 2006

Taveuni's Lost Coast Discovered

One of Fiji's most hidden treasures, the scarcely seen windward coast of Taveuni was recently explored by Tui Tai Adventure Cruises. In local lore, the coastline is known as the "land of 100 waterfalls" and it appears that there are at least that many gushers flowing down the rugged island landscape into the sea.

With exceptionally calm conditions, 4 explorers departed Tui Tai in its Naiad Zodaiac RIB. Maritino Tiko, Tige Young, Cari and Kalen Zantolas made the expedition and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery.

Predominant weather makes this coast quite rough in terms of waves and wind, so it is generally inaccessible. There are no roads on this side of the island and a vast expanse of uninhabited coastline remains pristine.

During our exploration we were treated to some close ups to waterfalls that crashed very near the deap sea. The ocean water was a surreal color of jade and sapphire.

The beauty of the coastline makes it an attractive area to consider for future expeditions, however, the potential for rough weather remains a constant concern during any visit.

Enjoy the pictures!
-Tige, Owner and Managing Director, Active Fiji / Tui Tai Adventure Cruises