Thursday 5 January 2006

Taveuni's Lost Coast Discovered

One of Fiji's most hidden treasures, the scarcely seen windward coast of Taveuni was recently explored by Tui Tai Adventure Cruises. In local lore, the coastline is known as the "land of 100 waterfalls" and it appears that there are at least that many gushers flowing down the rugged island landscape into the sea.

With exceptionally calm conditions, 4 explorers departed Tui Tai in its Naiad Zodaiac RIB. Maritino Tiko, Tige Young, Cari and Kalen Zantolas made the expedition and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery.

Predominant weather makes this coast quite rough in terms of waves and wind, so it is generally inaccessible. There are no roads on this side of the island and a vast expanse of uninhabited coastline remains pristine.

During our exploration we were treated to some close ups to waterfalls that crashed very near the deap sea. The ocean water was a surreal color of jade and sapphire.

The beauty of the coastline makes it an attractive area to consider for future expeditions, however, the potential for rough weather remains a constant concern during any visit.

Enjoy the pictures!
-Tige, Owner and Managing Director, Active Fiji / Tui Tai Adventure Cruises

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