Wednesday 21 December 2005

Excellence in Tourism: Best Adventure Product

For the second year in a row, Tui Tai Adventure Cruises has won the AON Excellence in Tourism Award for “Best Adventure Product.” In addition, Tui Tai Adventure Cruises was a finalist in the categories “Overnight Cruising,” “Diving,” and “Environmental Tourism.”

The 2005 award marks the second year in a row that Tui Tai Adventure Cruises has received an award for “Excellence in Tourism.”

Owner and Managing Director Tige Young said, “It is quite an honor for us to be recognized by our industry peers with this award, especially for a second year in a row. The fact that we have also been finalists in other catgories shows that we are more than an adventure, but an outstanding scuba dive, cruise and ecotourist product. I don’t think there is anyone else around the world that can claim that type of diversity in its experience.”

Accepting the award, owner Morika Young smiled and remarked, “this really means a lot to us. More than anything, we absolutely LOVE what we do!”

In 2004, Tui Tai Adventure Cruises won the “Best Adventure Product” award and was a finalist in “Overnight Cruising” and “Diving” categories.

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