Wednesday 21 December 2005

Excellence in Tourism: Best Adventure Product

For the second year in a row, Tui Tai Adventure Cruises has won the AON Excellence in Tourism Award for “Best Adventure Product.” In addition, Tui Tai Adventure Cruises was a finalist in the categories “Overnight Cruising,” “Diving,” and “Environmental Tourism.”

The 2005 award marks the second year in a row that Tui Tai Adventure Cruises has received an award for “Excellence in Tourism.”

Owner and Managing Director Tige Young said, “It is quite an honor for us to be recognized by our industry peers with this award, especially for a second year in a row. The fact that we have also been finalists in other catgories shows that we are more than an adventure, but an outstanding scuba dive, cruise and ecotourist product. I don’t think there is anyone else around the world that can claim that type of diversity in its experience.”

Accepting the award, owner Morika Young smiled and remarked, “this really means a lot to us. More than anything, we absolutely LOVE what we do!”

In 2004, Tui Tai Adventure Cruises won the “Best Adventure Product” award and was a finalist in “Overnight Cruising” and “Diving” categories.

Monday 19 December 2005

Your staff's 'yes-attitude' made my trip!

Your staff's 'yes-attitude' made my trip! They seemed so happy & willing to say yes to what I wanted or needed.
I loved Kioa the most of the islands because I'm a free diver and the views were amazing as I popped down under the sea & back-up again to the surface. And I was allowed to stay in as long as I wanted :)
So much so that I'm coming back again on next week's expedition!!!
Swapna Metha
Tui Tai Expedition 12-17 December 2005 (& 18-24 December 2005!)

Active Fiji's New Look Reception!

Here it is - our new look reception. All the hammering and dust was worth while and we now have space to showcase our 2005 Aon Excellence in Tourism Award alongside our 2004 Award!

The huge variety of teas was wonderful

The trip was fun and relaxing as well as adventurous. The crew was very warm & friendly & worked hard to make our cruise enjoyable. In spite of a modified itinerary, the crew offered us multiple options for activities and kept us all occupied.
The huge variety of teas from T2 was wonderful.
Patricia Hartowicz
Tui Tai Expedition 12-17 December 2005


The best part of the whole trip was when we went out for a dive, and then there was a radio call from the boat and we were redirected to a big pod of dolphins. Awesome!
Arash Haidari
Tui Tai Expedition 12-17 December 2005

Wednesday 14 December 2005

New Ops Centre started

Here we go with the new Ops Centre.

This new building out back of the Active Fiji/Tui Tai office will be the new home of Tania and Ili, the shore operations staff. It's planned to have all our support structure including the catering supply, housekeeping and engineering workshop. All those 'back room' jobs that work tirelessly to keep Tui Tai and her crew running smoothly and effortlessly (well maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration!)

Anyway here's Wayne (Shore Engineer), Jimmy (head builder), Tumai (Tui Tai Crew) and Edward (builder) starting to dig the post holes and layout the profile of the new building.

Monday 12 December 2005

Tania checks the WLAN signal in her new office

Here's Tania checking out if her laptop will work on the WLAn in her new office space!!!

Sunday 11 December 2005

New wheelhouse/bridge doors fitted

Bula everyone,

Well we did it in record time and had absolutely no problems! Unbelievable! The new look bridge dors are fitted, twice as watertight as the old ones. Captain Pete also gets his new cabin on the bridge well underway ahead of schedule! Only a few expeditions left before the big refit in January! Goodness time flies when we're enjoying ourselves!

Stuart Gow
General Manager

Saturday 10 December 2005

Thanks for a memorable experience

Thank you so much for a memorable experience. Our trip to Fiji would have been incomplete without doing this cruise. We would have left as naive tourists believing we had seen the country of Fiji. NONE can say they have been to Fiji unless they take part in the Tui Tai Experience!!

Bree Maciejenski, Australia
Guest: 5th - 10th December 2005

Thursday 8 December 2005

Discover the Ringgold Islands

A remote group of volcanic atolls in Northern Fiji, known as the “Ringgold Islands,” have become the newest adventure/diving/culture destination of Tui Tai Adventure Cruises

The 5-night Adventure Cruise on the Tui Tai now makes a weekly stop in the group of islands, including islands of Yanuca, Cobia, Rara Ni Tiqa and Maqewa.

New dive site discoveries have been nothing short of spectacular. “Kokoda Point” is a wall the drops to bottomless depths and generally has amazing visibility. The visibility makes for an especially exciting dive as clusters of big fish are often gathering just off the wall: barracuda, tuna, grey reef sharks. The Ringgolds Barrier Reef stretches for miles and has delivered newly discovered dive sites nearly every week.

Divemaster Timoci Taivoce says, “Every week we do one exploratory dive in the Ringgolds and we always find something new. One week we found a deep wall covered in different soft-corals. Another week, we were swarmed by schools of barracuda and trevally. Recently we found some caves where turtles were hiding.”

The Tui Tai Adventure Cruise promotes more than diving, and the Ringgold Islands have shown an amazing destination for its active guests. Sea kayaking across calm, clear waters, slipping amongst the maze of volcanic atolls; each island displays beautiful beaches, cliffs and scenery. Guests are amazed by a sea kayak trip inside a sunken volcanic crater at Cobia Island. Cobia is a horse-shoe shaped island crater. A small opening at one end means kayakers can paddle inside the calm blue waters of the crater.

For the nature lovers, the Ringgolds are known as nesting grounds for several types of sea birds. Turtles are also common in the area as they use the beaches as their nesting areas.


Active Fiji / Tui Tai Adventure Cruises has launched a new expedition trip to the Lau Group. The expedition will feature scuba diving in some of the most pristine, untouched locations in the world.

The 7-night Lau Expedition itinerary features scuba diving, sea kayaking, snorkeling, mountain biking, hiking, village visits and more. The Expeditions depart from Savusavu and include Welagilala, Vanua Balavu and surrounding islands in Northern Lau.

Active Fiji General Manager Stuart Gow, who has taken exploratory scuba dive trips to Lau before, said, “the reefs we dive in Northern Lau are unique. Undisturbed by the outside world, the marine eco-systems are very healthy and diverse. We have some sites for big fish encounters and some sites that feature rare small critter sightings.”

Guests on the Lau Expeditions will have the chance to do several “Exploratory Dives” where the Captain and Dive Guide select new reefs in the hope of discovering new dive sites.

The Lau Expedition trips are available to groups with incentives for a half-boat (10 pay, 2 go FREE) or a whole-boat (18 pay, 4 go FREE).

Tuesday 6 December 2005

It was an amazing five days...

Bula Morika

Thank you very much for accommodating us on the Tui Tai. It was an amazing
five days, even better than we were hoping for. We met some great people and
it really made the trip to be able to see so much of 'proper' Fiji.

It all seems like so long ago now!

I will be contacting the Fiji tourist board and telling them that they
should be promoting the Tui Tai cruise.

And if you could send some Fiji sunshine over for us that would make the
English winter a bit easier to cope with!

I have some diving photos that Patrick wanted us to send us. Is it easier to
email, put them on the BLOG or send copies over for him?

Thanks once again.


Andrew McKenzie

Fantastic time on the Tui Tai cruise

Thank you Morika

I had such a fantastic time on the Tui Tai cruise. It has been one of the best things I've done on my round the world trip so far and considering I've been on the road 6 months and have seen some wonderful sights, that is no small thing. I have been raving about it to anybody who'll listen and have given your website address to a few people. Hopefully some of them will book with you.

Thanks again for just the best 5 days in Fiji and love to all the crew who were simply fantastic (if not a little mad). Special hi to Miriam.


Charlotte Litteck

Monday 5 December 2005

Dive Report: Seven Peaks

Bula Scuba Divers,
Diving one of our newest sites "Seven Peaks" near Qamea Island (Northern side of the Fiji island group).  In a word, it is "AWESOME."
Gorgonia fans, beautiful purple  and golden soft corals in a blurry sight to soothe your mind.
Pelagics such as Chevron Barracudas, white/black tip reef sharks, spotted sweetlips are in abundance here.  The dive site is literally 7 bommies (coral heads jutting out from clean blue seas).  At its best, this dive can only be experienced with us on the Tui Tai Adventure Cruise!
-Patrick Nabong, Divemaster 473789

Sunday 4 December 2005

Photo's of our adventures on the boat

Bula Miriam,

A late mail from us... but better late than never!!

We wanted to let you know that we had an excellent time on the Tui Tai together with you and the whole crew. Thanx again for all your smiles!

You'll be able to find some photo's of our adventures on the boat on our web page. See:

You'll see at the bottom of the opening page (with the message "even bijkomen") all the pic's. Please send them to the rest of the crew as well!

Enjoy lovely Fiji, hope we'll come back ones...


Annemarie & Martin

Monday 28 November 2005

Tui Tai offers Last Minute Special

Tui Tai Adventure Cruises offers one of best values in last minute vacation packages in Fiji. Its "FREE NIGHT AND FREE AIRFARE" offer includes a 5-night adventure cruise, FREE DOMESTIC AIRFARE, all activities and meals are included. The price is FJD $1029 (approximately USD $590 per person). For more information see the Tui Tai specials and packages site
-Miriam Whippy

Thursday 24 November 2005

Wild Women enjoy Active Fiji

In fact the whole blurb/article is worth a look at how to pack an AWFUL lot into one Fiji visit!
Stuart Gow
General Manager
Tui Tai Adventure Cruises, Fiji

Photo gallery from last year's Music Festival

Just found this page, Carla King's photo gallery from her trip with us last year.

Tuesday 22 November 2005

Great White Wall, 8th Nov 2005

Divers were Karl, Liz and a couple form England, Aidan and Lucy. Dive was spectacular, not much current, but soft corals was blooming. Same snappers + unicorn + squirrel fish as usual occupy the entrance of the swim thru. Everybody was happy.

Timoci, DM
Tui Tai

Monday 21 November 2005

Tropical Indulgence Update

Bula All,
just a quick note to let you know the Tropical Indulgence package has had a price update. The initial price used and out-of-date currency exchange and had to be updated. The main Tui Tai website has the updated package: or

Let me know if you have any questions.
Vinaka and see you in Savusavu,

Friday 5 August 2005

Scuba News, Timoci's Terrace

Check out our Divemaster's latest blog for dive conditions, manta ray sightings and more. Ask questions about currents, dive sites, gear and anything dive related.