Friday 5 August 2005

Scuba News, Timoci's Terrace

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  1. Bula Vinaka,
    New divesites discovered last week. On the outer reef near the Ringgold Island Atolls, Patrick found a great site which he named "Wall Street." A very steep wall drops off forever. Crystal clear viz, over 35m. We saw a school of 150 barracuda and a dogtooth tuna coming in for a snack! Along the wall were several colorful nudibranchs.

  2. Wow! Wot a day, Wednesday 31st Aug, we are crusing off the north shore of Taveuni in the dive boat and up comes a huge whale tail!

    a HUMPBACK WHALE! Photos, snorkelling and swimming with one of nature's most eloquent singers.

    All going well we'll have some great photos for the gallery on the website, and some unforgetable memories for me (oh yes and our guests of course!!!)

    Awesome kodak moment/chance of a lifetime, even for dive professionals like us!

  3. Anywhere that I can find the GPS coordinates for this Scuba Diving Site?

  4. Just got a radio call from Timoci syaing they had mata rays on the dives today in Koro. Summer is coming and the manta's will be out in forse again by the looks of it.

  5. GPS for Wall Street dive site isn't an exact science.Pat and Tim ahave pointed to it ona chart for me but no GPS.

    Come along and we'll let you push a GPS waypoint button directly on top of it!