Thursday 19 July 2007

Tui Tai featured on The Great Outdoors TV show in Australia

Tom Williams and the crew from "The Great Outdoors" TV show had a blast on Tui Tai. The show aired on June 30th. You can watch the entire episode on this website.

Watch the Tui Tai episode on The Great Outdoors

you can see the fact sheet prepared by The Great Outdoors on this page

Thursday 12 July 2007

"Beautifully welcoming; cultural experience beyond imagination."

"Beautifully welcoming; cultural experience beyond imagination."
-- Annette, Australia

"Wonderful experience, we had a fantastic honeymoon adventure! Every detail was perfect!"
-- Elinor, England

"Amazing, interesting, worthwhile Fiji experience. One of our best family holidays. Loved meeting the staff and other guests."
-- Sandra, New Zealand

"Staff are extremely friendly. Linga is a real treasure."
-- Bob, USA

"Great scenery and very genuine people."
Fawn, USA

"Great cruise for adventurous, open minded, active people of all ages."
-- Reynold, USA

"Tui Tai Experience was wonderful. Exposure to the people and their villages made the trip so meaningful."
-- Rose, USA

"Unique dive and actvity experiences. We had a terrific time! Thanks! The dives at Georgia Reef and Kokoda Point are the best!"
-- Naomi, USA

"Tui Tai offers the opportunity to see the outer regions of Fiji; where few people have ever been."
-- Brad, USA/Fiji

"An exotic adventure at your own pace. Excellent diving, hiking, kayaking and snorkeling. Supported by a warm, attentive staff."
-- Franz, USA

"Greatest Fiji Experience, in just 5 days!"
-- Nikki, USA

"I enjoyed all the activities and you are all excellent! Luma is a very good cook, Katie and Skez you are the best. Linga you are the best. Mere, I love you."
-- Emma, Australia

"Non stop action and fun, all with a luxury element."
-- James, New Zealand

"Very relaxing trip with many activities. The staff and beautiful scenery make the activities hard to say 'no' to."
-- Mitchell, Australia

The following guest feedback scores came from the July 2-7 Adventure Cruise, 2007.(1=poor, 10=Excellent)

Did you find the Tui Tai Experience held up to its promises?
Average Score: 9.5

How would you rate the level of service from the onboard staff?
Average Score: 10

Was your cabin/stateroom comfortable and in working order?
Average Score: 9.3

How would you rate the meals served?
Average Score: 9.7

How would you rate your Fiji diving experience?
Average Score: 9.7

How safe did you feel during your Tui Tai Expedition?
Average Score: 9.5

Would you recommend Tui Tai Adventure Cruises to your friends and family?
100% answered 'YES'

Thursday 5 July 2007

Tui Tai airs on The Great Outdoors TV Show in Australia

Tui Tai Adventure Cruises was featured on The Great Outdoors TV show on Saturday June 30. Hosted by Tom Williams, the crew from acclaimed TV show enjoyed the unique combo of luxury and adventure in the pristine outer islands visited only by the Tui Tai.

Check out the Tui Tai's fact sheet on The Great Outdoors website. You can also click here to see the actual video footage from the TV shot.