Thursday 12 July 2007

"Beautifully welcoming; cultural experience beyond imagination."

"Beautifully welcoming; cultural experience beyond imagination."
-- Annette, Australia

"Wonderful experience, we had a fantastic honeymoon adventure! Every detail was perfect!"
-- Elinor, England

"Amazing, interesting, worthwhile Fiji experience. One of our best family holidays. Loved meeting the staff and other guests."
-- Sandra, New Zealand

"Staff are extremely friendly. Linga is a real treasure."
-- Bob, USA

"Great scenery and very genuine people."
Fawn, USA

"Great cruise for adventurous, open minded, active people of all ages."
-- Reynold, USA

"Tui Tai Experience was wonderful. Exposure to the people and their villages made the trip so meaningful."
-- Rose, USA

"Unique dive and actvity experiences. We had a terrific time! Thanks! The dives at Georgia Reef and Kokoda Point are the best!"
-- Naomi, USA

"Tui Tai offers the opportunity to see the outer regions of Fiji; where few people have ever been."
-- Brad, USA/Fiji

"An exotic adventure at your own pace. Excellent diving, hiking, kayaking and snorkeling. Supported by a warm, attentive staff."
-- Franz, USA

"Greatest Fiji Experience, in just 5 days!"
-- Nikki, USA

"I enjoyed all the activities and you are all excellent! Luma is a very good cook, Katie and Skez you are the best. Linga you are the best. Mere, I love you."
-- Emma, Australia

"Non stop action and fun, all with a luxury element."
-- James, New Zealand

"Very relaxing trip with many activities. The staff and beautiful scenery make the activities hard to say 'no' to."
-- Mitchell, Australia

The following guest feedback scores came from the July 2-7 Adventure Cruise, 2007.(1=poor, 10=Excellent)

Did you find the Tui Tai Experience held up to its promises?
Average Score: 9.5

How would you rate the level of service from the onboard staff?
Average Score: 10

Was your cabin/stateroom comfortable and in working order?
Average Score: 9.3

How would you rate the meals served?
Average Score: 9.7

How would you rate your Fiji diving experience?
Average Score: 9.7

How safe did you feel during your Tui Tai Expedition?
Average Score: 9.5

Would you recommend Tui Tai Adventure Cruises to your friends and family?
100% answered 'YES'

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