Wednesday 8 February 2006

Oompa Loompa's help in refit

Work is well underway in the refit now. We are on Day 17, and dare I say it we are slightly ahead of schedule!

Here are two of our carpenters kitted up for installing the soundproofing and fireproofing mat between the cabins. As Tania says, they are just so Oompa Loompa we had to take a photo!

Saturday 4 February 2006

We loved the food

Hello and bula- We saw the most incredible rainforests and beaches, met great people from all over the world and had the best food I’ve ever eaten.  How the chef did it I don’t know.  He turned out amazing dishes and sweets every morning and afternoon as well as serving themed evening meals – the only meal he didn’t cook onboard was the Lovo feast which was begun in the kitchen, then carried by small boat to the beach, where it was cooked in a hot rock pit and then returned to the ship – it was fabulous.

-- Stan and Judy Moore, Idaho, USA