Thursday 12 January 2006

And may be, there is Kava again.

Bula vinaka, Miriam.

Well, I do not know if you remember me, but I remember you, when you brought me along the Hibiscus-Highway to the Tui Tai, about 4 week ago.

I am travelling now since 2 week around New Zealand. It is a beautiful country, but it is really cold here. There are a lot of activities, one can do here. You will find 6 photos of an activity I did, when you go to the Internet with .

I have no shirt, because they put me into the water.

Nevertheless, I am glad to go to Tonga on Wednesday. It will be a lot warmer there. And may be, there is Kava again.

With best regards


Peter Taubitz

Tui Tai Guest

November 2005

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