Wednesday 20 December 2006

"If you want a cultural experience, off the beaten path, with complete luxury, Book the Tui Tai!"

"If you want a cultural experience, off the beaten path, with complete luxury, Book the Tui Tai!" -- Devonne, USA

"I had a wonderful experience. For me my favorite moment was just swimming and splashing about in the sea." -- Richard, UK

"Great fun, my favorite moments were the scuba diving." -- Deiter, USA

"A nice blend of activities and relaxation. My favorite activity was the Tavoro Waterfalls excursion. I also enjoyed relaxing onboard the Tui Tai and meeting other passengers." -- Hank, USA

"My favorite moments were lying out on the day beds, watching the stars at night. Also the snorkeling was amazing!" -- Nick, USA

"Great trip. Lots of activities to fill your day, but still very relaxing. My personal highlights included seeing a sea snake while snorkeling, the view from Cobia Volcano summit, and jumping into the Bouma waterfalls after a hot bike ride." -- Sri, USA

The following are questions and the average scores during the adventure cruise ending 9th December 2006:(1=Poor, 10=Excellent)

Did you find the Tui Tai Experience held up to its promises? Avg. Score: 9.3

How would you rate the level of service from the onboard staff? Avg. Score: 9.5

Was your cabin/stateroom comfortable and in working order? Avg. Score: 9.0

How would you rate the meals served? Avg. Score: 8.3

How would you rate your scuba diving experience? Avg. Score: 10

How safe did you feel during your Tui Tai expedition? Avg. Score: 9.7

Would you recommend Tui Tai Adventure Cruises to your friends and family? 100% answered "Yes"

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  1. My boss recently took his family on a trip to Fiji, with Tui Tai Adventure Cruises. He raves about it. He’s been on safaris in Africa, tours in the Galapagos, India, the Amazon, many exotic places, and he says Tui Tai is the absolute best he’s experienced. Their web site does look like it’s an amazing experience:

    The web site shows they do a lot of good humanitarian things (humanitarian expeditions, donating wheelchairs, supplies, water tanks, emergency assistance to remote island villages). Cool example of how you can go on a great luxury-adventure vacation and at the same time really make a difference to a developing country like Fiji.