Thursday 10 July 2008

Feedback & Ratings

"Great fun and I felt very safe. Hoepfully I can come on this trip again! Keep up the hard work and wonderful experience." -- Annie, Australia

"A truly wonderful and beautiful experience that all of us will remember forever. Wonderful, fantastic crew." -- Rob and Marilyn, Australia

"It was a perfect vacation for us! Active and had all the comforts that are important. The staff was amazing, the cultural experiences are treasures." -- Kelly, USA

"The perfect vacation for someone who is adventurous and wants to see the real cultural side of Fiji. I think everyone did a great job to make this an excellent experience for me." -- Kiki, USA

"Delightful crew, fantastic food, good dive sites and great scuba instruction (Ben--superb)." -- Jon, Australia

"I really liked it, all the staff were friendly and I liked the activities (visiting villages and bike riding especially)." -- Hannah, Australia

"A fun cruise with good crew members who are always fun. Lots of activities." -- Chris, Australia

"Wonderful experience, friendly people and well-organized." -- Greg, Australia

"Fantastic, friendly staff and very helpful!" -- Kylie, Australia

"Amazing and exciting, something that surpassed my expectations. The chef was brilliant!!! I would recommend to my friends and family," -- Chloe, Australia

"Amazing, a wonderful experience full of great memories." -- Emily, Australia

The following guest feedback scores came from the June 30-July 7 Adventure Cruise,

2007.(1=poor, 10=Excellent)

Did you find the Tui Tai Experience held up to its promises?
Average Score: 9.5

How would you rate the level of service from the onboard staff?
Average Score: 10

Was your cabin/stateroom comfortable and in working order?
Average Score: 9.1

How would you rate the meals served?
Average Score: 9.6

How would you rate your Fiji diving experience?
Average Score: 9.6

How safe did you feel during your Tui Tai Expedition?
Average Score: 9.8

Would you recommend Tui Tai Adventure Cruises to your friends and family?
100% answered 'YES'

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