Tuesday 25 May 2010

Tui Tai Feature in The Australian

great article recently in The Australian, the only nationwide newspaper in Australia.


Here's a few excerpts:

"We hear the crew singing before we reach the Tui Tai, welcoming us with a traditional Fijian song. It is strange to think that in only seven days the children will shed tears at leaving their new-found kingdom on the sea. This is where our adventure really begins."

"With 18 crew dedicated to 21 passengers, we are well looked after. When we hike, food and chilled drinks appear on schedule, mountain bikes and kayaks materialise in the remotest locations and disappear where we leave. It is the ultimate indulgence not to have to worry about anything."

"Cultural exchange is one of our favourite parts of this adventure. Tui Tai calls its unique blend of philanthropic travel "contributionism". Its charitable fund assists the far-flung communities we visit to deliver medicine to the hospital and present much-needed stationery and books to schools. Instead of parading through a village like curious tourists we feel involved. The residents appreciate the support and welcome us like new friends."

"We all ... end up loving this holiday and the camaraderie of our adventures. By the time it comes to leave, the crew have become our good friends. So have our children."

Read the whole article

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