Monday 10 January 2011

This week we had some great island visits, with some pilot whales making an appearance on our way to the first one, which was the island of Rabi, where we were entertained by the school children. These islanders are originally from Kiribati, but after their island was devastated in World War II and phosphate mining, the British relocated them on Rabi, which is a volcanic island in northern Fiji.Their costumes are stunning and everyone was enthralled by the dancing and their warm hospitality - especially by one little boy who really got into character and left us all with a big smile on our faces! We next went to Wiwi village in the island of Taveuni, and the guests had a fantastic time joining in the fun by showing them how dancing is done in England!

Hiking on Cobia Island, which is a sunken volcanic crater in the Ringgold atoll, we managed to find some of the wild goats which are the only inhabitants of the island! They are very wary of humans though so we were lucky to spot a few and even get a rare photograph. Not put off by a bit of "liquid sunshine" we enjoyed the stunning views once reaching the top - and one guest commented that the opportunity to do this hike had inspired her to book the trip!

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