Saturday 4 March 2006

My current office and why this blog isn't updated often at the mo...

For those of you who have been on Tui Tai these photos show the current look of the saloon and bar area on board. In the first photo my "office" is the first table and chair on the right with my yellow water bottle (hydrate, hydrate!) and Starbucks coffee (made by the Tacoma Girls in the Active Fiji real office for me daily!)

; always appreciated if you want to bring a gift for us coffe lovers out here in the sticks, any type or variety of good coffee beans works of us!

The rest of the mess is the materials and stock needed for the refit. Toilets, sinks, engine parts, desal plant, glue, nails, welding rods, cutting disks, sound proofing insulation mat, electrical cabling, distribution boxes, light switches, lights themselves, goodness I could do this all evening. Enough said that there is literally tonnes of equipment and supplies.

In the second photo you can just see one of the heads off of our starboard main engine, a Gardner. Chief Engineer Timoci has taken the 12 weeks refit time to grab a chance to do a full top end rebuild of all our critical systems. Oil and diesel everywhere!

All for now, 'll try and do a nicer photo in my next blog.


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