Sunday 5 March 2006

New KONA Mountain Bikes arrive in country

Just received the phone call that our new 26 mountain bikes have arrived at Nadi Airport, 2 weeks ahead of scheduled delivery date!

These are new, state-of-the-art 2006 model KONA mountain bikes, not any old bike out there. The Fire Mountain ius specifi`cally made for cross-country riding like the road to Bouma and Buca Bay during our Adventure Cruise.

"Cross Country riding and Cross Country racing are cornerstones of Kona Bicycles. For the last 17 years we’ve collaborated with and sponsored some of the fastest racers in the world, who ride the most demanding courses out there. Each one of them contributes to design and innovation in order for our bikes to withstand World Cup racing and the brutal punishment it puts on equipment. This year, the Kona Les Gets Factory Team will be putting our bikes through another rigorous season of racing, research and development."

I'm seriously looking forward to putting these bikes through our own Fiji testing grounds in the coming months!

Go visit the website and find out for yourself:


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  1. Hi!

    Should be interesting to 'test drive' mountain bikes in Fuji!

    Anyway, good luck with everything and please check out my blog sometime if you feel and give me some feedback onthe idea:

    Take care!