Sunday 16 April 2006

Brand new coat of paint (& new colours)

Well here it is, the all new, all singing, all new coloured AS Tui Tai! We've morphed the colour scheme into a more classic "superyacht" scheme of Misty Moon Grey superstructure and Royale Blue Hull.

You can also see our new stabalizers/bilge keels. This will allow us to offer more of the outer island trips to Lau and Cakau Levu at all times of the year. The combination of the stabilizing effect of the stay sials with these will make Tui Tai extrememly stable in the open oceans now.

These pictures were taken just before AS Tui Tai was launched from the Fiji Ships and Heavy Industries Ltd, 500 tonnes slip way. We lucked out completely with the weather in Suva and managed to get all our painting done with no rain! The skies were just like in the photos, beautiful sky blue 99% of the time!

Anyway more from the first cruise which was last week in a few days (we had a full boat, family of 8, 2 honeymoon couples, a dive group of 7....!)


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