Wednesday 19 April 2006

Inaugral adventure cruise a grand success!

Well we went out there and had a great time, excellent to be back doing what we do best instead of all this construction. Into a glorious sunset and some Coopers beers on the daybeds on the sundeck.

Here are the "Dive Guys" lounging and starting their battle on our bar to see if they can indeed drink us out of beer by the end of the cruise. Actually they almost did... At the end Meli only had 3 lonely bottles of Fiji BITTER left! Best assault we've ever had on the bar, beating out even the 7 night surf charters out to Lau last year.

Monday night dinner and Tige joined us. Here we all are sitting down to Captain's Dinner of Cajun Night.

Next up we should include a photo of at least one of honeymoon couple on board, oh what the heck lets get them both up here, first off Lawrence and Erica, looking damn good in their diving gear.

Here's one of our dive boats heading out for a dive off Qamea called "Stillwater". This is the Hoer family mostly, but everyone kinda mucked in together on the dive boats.

Okay that's enough for one posting. More in my next week's adventure into cyber space blogging.


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