Tuesday 25 July 2006

Swimming with a humpback whale

Last week in Koro, a baby humpback whale was sighted, circling the Tui Tai. The show lasted over 30 minutes, as the whale crossed back and forth, underneath Tui Tai, breaching, and enjoying the cheers from the Tui Tai guests and crew.

Tige, Morika, Daniel and Michael quickly threw on their snorkel gear and hopped in for a chance to swim with the majestic beast. The snorkelers were rewarded as the whale came in close for a look at its admirers.

This was the third humpback whale sighting over the past 4 months for Tui Tai and its guests. In addition to this sighting in Koro, humpbacks have been seen in Somosomo Strait and Qamea Island. The humpbacks have been amazingly curious and come right alongside the Tui Tai.

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