Saturday 3 November 2007

Tui Tai Humanitarian Expedition in November

Tui Tai Adventure Cruises will build a new school library as part of its upcoming Humanitarian Expedition. November 13-17, Tui Tai will be in Togo Village on the remote island of Qamea. Using its unique ability to deliver supplies and skilled labor to remote islands, the Tui Tai team will work to help provide a better education for the children of Togo Village.

Many of Tui Tai's past guests, inspired by the friendliness and warmth of the people of Togo Village, have donated books. While the books have been a much welcomed donation, the village school has no space to store the books and provide a proper reading and study environment.

"We asked the leaders of Togo Village what they really wanted. When we mentioned we would like to help with the school, the village leaders all agreed that a library to house all of the books donated by pasts Tui Tai guests would be a huge benefit to the education of their children," said Morika Young, Owner/Director of Tui Tai Adventure Cruises.

The Tui Tai Humanitarian trip is from Nov 13-17. The trip is open to guests who wish to participate in the project and also mix in some of the Tui Tai Luxury and Adventure. Prices start at just 3124 Fijian Dollars. For more information or to make a reservation, email


  1. Bula vinaka Morika and Tui Tai crew.

    Just wanted to say best of luck in your Tui Tai Humanitarian Expeditions. Wow how exiting! What you and your guests will be dong on the Island of Qamea will have huge ramifications for years to come. I dont have the funds nor the expertise in this field however I will do my part in remembering you all in my prayers.

    God bless.
    Larry Irava.

  2. Morika, this is a wonderful project..... Our little group COULD be helpful and involved, but the time is too short for this special project.

    For example, two of us are going to Ensenada, Mexico to build 5 homes for poor families during that same November period...

    IF you plan to do something like this 6 months or so later, give us that kind of heads up....maybe we can join you.

    And, we're talking about returning to Fiji and the Tui Tai next year!

    thanks for including me in the message!

    Ken Johnson