Monday 27 December 2010

Festive Fiji!

We had a great group of guests to share the holiday season with us this week. As a special gift we even had a group of spinner dolphins appear for us on christmas day and swim alongside the boat. For Christmas Eve a local choir from Taveuni came on board with a priest and we had a sermon, singing and then of course, the traditional kava ceremony.

Kava is made from the powder of the Kava root and is then mixed with water. It is drunk for almost all social occasions and is much the same as a 'peace pipe' in other cultures - offering an opportunity for social interaction in a relaxed setting. Both men and women are able to drink kava in Fiji, but if you want to participate you must join the 'circle' and clap once before accepting a bowl, and three times after.

In the week we had fresh fish, caught by one of the crew members (but helped by Erika, one of our guests!)

Our Christmas day activities included a hike on the Lavena coastal walk to a beautiful waterfall (one of two we visited during the week, where everyone simulated the locals diving skills!

We are now looking forward to celebrating the New Year with a new group and lots of fun and festivities.

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