Monday 20 December 2010

Snorkelling and Sharks!

The weather was definitely on our side this week and we had clear skies and on most days a beautiful cool breeze to make ideal conditions for all our activities. Snorkelling was high on the agenda and the crystal clear water made for some fantastic trips, where everyone got really comfortable with their free-diving skills and up close and personal looking at the marine life - especially two white tip reef sharks who kept us entertained for ages.One of the dives turned out to be extra special as we had a Leopard Shark make an appearance - it even let the onboard paparazzi take lots of footage and then slowly and very gracefully swam away. Leopard sharks are easily distinguishable by their big spot markings and long tail - they are very docile to humans and this makes them easily approachable. They also like to lie on the bottom for long periods of time so we often keep an eye on the sand as well as all the beautiful coral reef, just in case! This also happened to be one of our guests first ever dives - which has set a precedent now for his future scuba experiences - we are keeping in touch to see what he will discover next time!

All in all, with great marine life, great activities and great weather an awesome time was had by all and the crew are all looking forward to some festive fun next week!

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