Friday 19 May 2006

Doctors on vacation to the rescue!

During our 5-night Adventure Cruise the first week of May while visiting Nacamaki Village on Koro Island, I was called into a family home. In the house I found a new mother on the floor unable to move with an extremely swollen and painful leg. She had given birth to a new baby girl a week ago and had not been able to move since.

Luckily, we had 2 doctors from New Jersey onboard the Tui Tai - Martin and Susan Uram! They appeared with Tui Tai first aid / medical kits in hand and diagnosed her immediately as having a large blood clot in her upper thigh. They knew immediately that they has to give her something to start thinning out her blood so eventually the clot would thin itself out.

They assessed the situation and the fact that she is in an extremely remote area and safely subscribed aspirin. We left her with enough aspirin so she can thin her blood and hopefully within 6 months feel much much better and dissolve most of the clot.

Vinaka to Dr. Martin and Dr. Susan Uram of New Jersey - she is up and moving around!

She sends all of her Lolomas (love) to them from Nacamaki Village!

Come back soon Susan and Martin...

Nacamaki Village will always remember you!!

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