Monday 22 May 2006

Tui Tai helps drill moorings at Namena Marine Park

On May 17-18, rough seas and storms didn't stop Namena's tour operators from installing the first set of moorings at the Namena Marine Reserve. Stuart Gow, Active Fiji's General Manager led a team of local dive operators to place 5 moorings in the park.

A CORAL microgrant paid for the mooring installation, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort covered the cost of fuel, and L'Aventure Divers, Tui Tai Adventures, Namale Resort, Koro Sun, Moody's Namena, and Nai'a Cruises made the project happen!

The dive sites moored were:
1. Grand Central Station
2. Kansas

The other moorings were placed off the island for surface intervals, the only place the small boats had been regularly dropping anchors.

We are now in the process of organising a splicing party to get them finished this week.

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