Monday 29 May 2006

Tui Tai Survival Evidence

Bula and Greetings to our Fellow Tui Tai Adventurers,

Hope everyone made it home safely. I'm sure you had as difficult time as Debby and I did, in getting back to the real world of work and responsibilities. We had such a great time on the Tui Tai, not only the activities, etc but with meeting each of you and sharing the time with others that have common interests.

We continued on to Taveuni of a week in a house. Tough to go to a quiet setting from the Tui Tai. We also had a vehicle which allowed us to drive to Bouma Falls to meet up with the crew on Wednesday. What a great bunch and were happy to see us ( the next week only had eight passengers. Liga was his usual smiling, gracious, welcoming self.

Please keep in contact. We may meet up some where in the future or drop by to visit during in future travels. You are always welcome at our house if you travel to Oregon, USA. Although not as warm, it has its own unique beauty.


Doug and Debby Schultz

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