Thursday 26 June 2008

Clint, Renae and I had a totally awesome holiday

Ni Sa Bula Morika and Tige,
Vinaka, Vinaka vaka levu from the Bonney family!!!
Clint, Renae and I had a totally awesome holiday, as did our friends who traveled with us.

Morika, what can I say..... WOW !!!! you have an excellent product to export to the world. I did try and put in to words my gratitude when I wrote in the guest book...2 full pages, perhaps Ben told you?
Our 5 days and nights on the Tui Tai were truly wonderful. The staff and all the crew are a credit to your company.

Everyone showed us true Fijian hospitality and made us feel so very welcome and part of the Tui Tai family. Everyone from the engine room to the boat and diving crew and of course Una, Meli and Luma made our trip complete. Ben and Kaori are perfect for their jobs and never had anything but smiles and helpful advice.
Una has the best hands for massaging everything into dreamland but more noticable is that Una has the most gentle nature and the biggest heart. Meli has an infectious sense of humour and style and Luma's cooking was delicious whatever meal he prepared. Together those three people are the best ambassadors for the Tui Tai.
We were also fortunate to be on a cruise with other like minded families and couples who laughed and talked as if we all had known each other before. The laughter and conversations also included all the staff, perhaps it was sharing the kava every night with some of the crew that made everyone feel at ease all the time. Whatever it was there was always laughter.
The small amount of Fijian dollars we had left was not appropriate and Clint and I have decided that we would like to show our appreciation and give the crew of the Tui Tai something for their hospitality and friendship. Can you tell me the names of the crew on our cruise (March 10th - 15th) and what is the best way to send them something. I was hoping to give individual cards with some cash and possibly photos... so perhaps if I did that but sent it in one envelope to your office you would be able to forward it on.
If you can get back to me with answers to my request, I will try to get some photos printed to send away.
Once again thank you, thank you, thank you for a truly fantastic, awesome, wonderful holiday that we will remember for all the right reasons.
Talk soon,

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