Thursday 26 June 2008

Generator Donation for Tabiang School in Rabi

Bula Sia.
It's been nearly six months since I traveled on the Tui Tai with my brother
Chris and wife Leanne. Aside from the sterling service provided by Linga and
the rest of the crew on the Tui Tai, I was overjoyed to visit some truly
romantic places.

As a regular visitor to Fiji, I have been to some pretty fantastic places but nothing I have seen so far compares with Cobia and of course Rabi. I was so moved by the children's
performance that I have decided to help out the school. I spoke with the
head teacher who informed me that the school needs a small generator. I am
returning to Vanua Levu at Christmas time and will arrange to have the generator
delivered then. I am looking forward to returning to Rabi a great deal.

In closing I again want to thank all at TuiTai for making the visit so


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  1. Ni Sa Bula Andrew,
    This is just wonderful news!
    Thank you so much for your generosity in donating the generator to Rabi School.
    Let us know what date you will be in Fiji - maybe you could hop on Tui Tai for the night / day to take and personally deliver the generator.

    If not we will take it out there with a note from you - and I also recommend a picture as well. We will take photos of the presentation of the generator to the school and Tabiang village council member then email you the images.

    It will make such a significant difference to their lives.
    It is also great to hear that you enjoyed your experience with us onboard the Tui Tai!
    Thank you for joining us and we hope you can make it onboard for a night or so in December (complimentary) to deliver the generator.