Monday 30 June 2008

"FANTASTIC! A trip I will never forget. I wish you had other Tui Tai's in different "

"Great way to see this part of Fiji, a special experience." -- Chris, USA

"Relaxing, definitely an adventure, a one of a kind experience." -- Alex and Jane, USA

"I love the people and country, I don't want to leave. We love FIJI :)" -- Barbara, USA

"Adventure of a lifetime" -- Elizabeth, USA

"I'm blown away. Great combination of exercise, Fijian culture, relaxation." -- Ken, Australia

"Action packed cruise which enables guests to appreciate and get a better understanding of Fijian cultural diversity. Dedicated and excellent staff made this experience a joy." -- Francoise, Belgium

"A floating expedition tent!" -- Geoff, USA

"Wonderful experience, to meet and learn about Fiji and its people." -- Barbara and Tom, USA

"5 days in paradise made memorable by the care and expertise of a wonderful crew." -- Kevin and Karen, Australia

"Great Trip." -- Isabelle, France

"Beautiful experience with great moments. Great crew, very professional and friendly." -- Pablo, Australia

"FANTASTIC! A trip I will never forget. I wish you had other Tui Tai's in different locations around the world." -- Maureen, Canada

"Tui Tai gets you off the beaten track and shows you the real Fiji." -- John, Canada

"A once in a lifetime opportunity that everyone should be fortunate enough to experience."
-- Matt, Canada

"Somehow manages to let you totally relax whilst filling the day with excellent adventures. And allows you to forget everything whilst making you think more about the world around you. Staff were superb, beyond friendly." -- Tim, Australia

"Fun, adventure, culture and true friendship. Vinaka to all!!! Especially Morika and Tige (for assistance planning our entire honeymoon)." -- George and Ann, USA

"Keep the trip just as it is today, PERFECT!" -- Natasha, USA

"A relaxed and comfortable trip with a group of people who quickly became friends and a staff who seemed to be genuinely friendly and interested in what we were doing. I had a great time." -- Mary, USA

"the adventure of a lifetime from our world around trip." -- Rosanna, Italy

"Great program, many activities, very friendly and professional staff. Comfortable boat, good food!" -- Marcel, Netherlands

The following guest feedback scores came from expeditions in May 2008 (1=poor,


Did you find the Tui Tai Experience held up to its promises?
Average Score: 9.4

How would you rate the level of service from the onboard staff?
Average Score: 9.8

Was your cabin/stateroom comfortable and in working order?
Average Score: 9.5

How would you rate the meals served?
Average Score: 9.2

How would you rate your Fiji diving experience?
Average Score: 9.4

How safe did you feel during your Tui Tai Expedition?
Average Score: 9.8

Would you recommend Tui Tai Adventure Cruises to your friends and family?
100% answered 'YES'

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